Sock Ons

Sock Ons are clever little things that keep baby socks on!

How many socks do you reckon your baby has lost in their lifetime? Ten or twenty? Maybe more? Worse still, it always seems to be one in each pair doesn’t it?

With a family of six small boys to take care of, Kezi Levin had to do something about her family’s sock bill, and so came up with the idea for Sock Ons, an amazingly simple little gadget to stop socks going astray.

Made of soft, stretchy material, Sock Ons are designed to fit over regular socks, keeping them firmly in place no matter how hard your baby kicks and tugs. It really is one of those ideas you wish you’d thought of first!

Sock Ons have gone through years of research and development -the result is funky and fashionable patent pending product that actually works!

Sock Ons are now an essential item that no baby (or sane parent) can do without!

Sock Ons Classic Range 0-6m and 6-12m and NEW 12-18m:

Sock Ons Brights Range 0-6m and 6-12m:

NEW Designer Sock Ons:


To ensure a good fit, use the right size for your baby. Always put the ordinary sock on baby first, then place the Sock Ons® over, ensuring a snug fit, as per display packaging.


Sock Ons® are not suitable for walking in or for wearing with shoes.