Mocc Ons

Mocc Ons Marching off the Shelves!

Having found a solution to one parenting problem, the Sock Ons brand has expanded to include another ingenious little product, designed to make life easier for parents and more comfortable for children.

Mocc Ons are moccasin style slipper socks, designed to fit baby from six months up to three years. They’re made of a lovely soft and stretchy cotton, stitched to a real leather sole, which helps to prevent slipping ensuring that your little one’s toes stay toasty all year round!

Like all products in the Sock Ons range, Mocc Ons are designed to be funky, practical, fashionable and, most importantly, washable!

Ballerina Mocc Ons:

New designs to add to the growing collection this season are dainty Ballet Mocc Ons for little ballerinas!! The slipper socks are styled just like delicate pale pink ballet shoes and ensure babies and toddlers have warm and comfy feet as they dance around the house! Available in sizes from 6 months right through to 3 years.

Mocc Ons Cowboy and Cowgirl:

And for those who like life on the ranch, Cow Boy and Cow Girl Mocc Ons are sure to be a great hit! These unique Mocc Ons feature pale blues, pinks and browns and are styled to look like real cowboy boots. Yeeha!!

Mocc Ons Sneaker Range:

Current range includes Fuschia, Red, Turquoise and Navy Sneaker Mocc Ons.
Full spectrum of colours will be released at a later date!

Mocc Ons Designer Range:

Mocc Ons Floral and Nautical Designer Range:

Size Guide:

6-12 months / UK Shoe size 2-3 / US Shoe Size 2-3 / Shoe Length 12.5cm

12-18 months / UK Shoe size 3.5-4 / US Shoe Size 4-5 / Shoe Length 13.5cm

18-24 months / UK Shoe size 5-6 / US Shoe Size 6-7 / Shoe Length 14.5cm

2-3 years / UK Shoe size 7-8 / US Shoe Size 8-9 / Shoe Length 15.5cm